I’m not just particular about fabrics, I adore them. I’ve put an incredible amount of time into finding the perfect fabrics to use for each and every one on my designs.

For me, fabrics, their specific texture and hand-feel, along with the perfect colour palette, conjure images of people, relationships and experiences. My fabrics are my paint, my cutting board my canvas.

I understand each of my fabrics has a personality. They’re all different, like we’re all different.

That’s why I’ve come up with the unique names for my pieces because I wanted to embrace and celebrate all the ways people choose to spend their time, the dedication to learning, mastering skills, putting their hands and brains to use in a way that not only satisfies themselves, but benefits the wider community.

Whether they are mechanics or botanists, engineers or surfers, everyone can do something and do it well. We need to remember, with all the testing, competition and comparisons in school these days, there are many paths to happiness that aren’t academic and success isn’t measured by what’s in your bank account.

So here’s what I’ve called each of my designs, in honour of our diversity and individuality.

I do hope you like them as much as me.

The Engineer – Clean, tough and precise, made in Japanese selvedge denim

The Surfer – Weathered, salty and windswept, made in the softest bleached denim

The Botanist – Inquisitive, gentle and earthy, made in dusty lilac organic denim

The Goldsmith – Beautifully weathered, soft yet strong, made in tan wax coated canvas

The Roadie – Worldly, hardworking and determined, made in black wax coated canvas

The Mechanic – Problem solver and a practical mind, made in washed back denim with contrast blue knee patches

The Baker – Fun and energetic, a provider, made in hickory striped denim

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