Personal Style Course : Welcome

This course has been designed to teach you how to discover your personal style and dress with confidence every day.
We all have a really cool, stylish version of ourselves within, but they've often been stifled to a point that we no longer know that person. Swayed by trends that aren't really 'us' or falling into patterns of wearing the thing that is convenient & comfortable, but we don't love (or even like).
Amongst the million other things we have to juggle, we've put our wardrobe on autopilot and haven't allowed ourselves the time or headspace to question and explore our style in years. 
Well, you're about to change that
Let's figure out what you truly like, so you're excited to get dressed and can always find pieces that work well together. Never again will you find yourself looking into a mountain of clothes in your wardrobe and feeling stressed and frustrated that nothing you have makes a cohesive outfit.
Course Overview
1. Your Wardrobe - Analysing and working with what you've got
2. Future you - in-depth style discovery (including email support and feedback)
3. Personal style reflection - interviews + analysis of people with distinct approach to dressing
4. Care + Repair - Skills, tips and how to get outside help
5. The myth of standard sizing - don't let labels guide what you buy 
Bonus - How trends develop

The following video gives you little insight to how I got here! From learning to sew on an antique treddle machine as soon as I was tall enough to reach the pedal, to working in design teams, managing fit and production for internationally recognised brands. And finally, what lead to me, as the owner of a sustainable fashion brand, to create this course.

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