A – Z[ero] Alphabet Patches – Denim
A – Z[ero] Alphabet Patches – Denim
A – Z[ero] Alphabet Patches – Denim
A – Z[ero] Alphabet Patches – Denim

A – Z[ero] Alphabet Patches – Denim

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Select your favourite letters from the alphabet to be made into 100% cotton patches.

I utilise the offcuts from the production of larger garments to create these pieces, custom made by an independent embroiderer.

These custom patches have been created in collaboration with an embroidery artist in the Lake District of England from pieces of Over All 1516 denim that were too small to make into dungarees.

Black cotton thread has been used to stitch a thick border around bleached denim and form the shapes of the alphabet in the signature Over All 1516 font. The decision to use cotton thread rather than polyester was a conscious environmental and aesthetic choice.

Each letter has iron-on backing to help the patch adhere to the garment.


  1. Place patch on garment.
  2. Set iron temperature for cotton.
  3. Cover patch with a piece of damp cloth.
  4. Iron for 10-15 seconds.
  5. Turn garment inside out and iron until dry.

For total security, I recommend either hand or machine sewing the patch to your chosen garment or accessory, ideally with black thread along the embroidered outline.

  • 100% cotton pre-consumer waste denim off cuts


Our Materials


We use 100% pre-consumer waste denim, GOTS organic cotton thread and organic cotton lining on our 15.16. garments.


Our art collaborations are printed on unbleached, organic cotton canvas.


All fastenings are made from high-grade Italian made metal hardware.