Simplifying Sustainability – A Quick Lesson on Natural and Synthetic fibres

I wanted to create an easily digestible guide to shopping ethically and consciously. This is Part 1. “A quick lesson on natural and synthetic fibres”. Ive decided to break it up into a few posts to spread the info out and keep the article quick to get through I’ve been constructing this article for quite …

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Confession: I don’t love cloth nappies, but here’s why I’m still using them, 4 years on

Sure, cloth nappies are cute, and once you decipher the difference between an all-in-one and a pocket nappy, you can start exploring the endless prints and colours available and it becomes a bit fun. Plus the added padding on your childs’ bottom is bonus protection in the adorable wobbily-leg days of conquering the art of walking. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I decided to look into using cloth nappies, I was mostly fueled by a desire to avoid creating unnecessary waste via disposable nappies, but it was also the convenience of always having nappies on hand, and saving money that also strongly appealed.

On Top – The Baker

A modern knit, color block drama, ditzy floral or minimal citrus, how would you style The Baker dungarees? I’ve gathered some of my favourite childrenswear brands together in a series to celebrate how versatile and fun dungarees are. Indikidual are a fellow Walthamstow based brand who do awesome kids wear with a focus on organic …

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