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I’ve curated a bunch of products that I think are pretty special, and that I know each of my characters would love to be in the company of.

If they went shopping, this is what I’d like to think they’d buy for themselves.  Some of these products are handmade by small-scale businesses like myself, and others are much bigger & operate ethically.

Over All 1516 is participating in its very first market this week – A pop up market run by The Mother Maker and held at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, East London. I figure that was a good enough segue to introduce The Baker, because one of their most favorite possessions would undoubtedly be the brilliant, colorful, fun and playful pop up cookbook created by Katherine Sabbath.

Having to avoid dairy and soya due to Caspar being allergic to both really throws a spanner in the works when it comes to ordering take away. Yard Sale have been my go to-take away and saviors many many times over now. Their pizzas are simple but delicious and I consider ordering the TSB (tender stem brocolli – with harrissa lamb added) for dinner multiple times a week, if i didn’t have children to provide a healthy, more diverse menu for, I probably would. Also, how good is the tee – same artwork on the pizza boxes, I’m definitely going to treat myself to one this summer (tee – and more pizzas as well tbh)

Katherine Sabbath is a total joy to be around, and not ony does she have a wonderful sense of style, she is also the epitome of what happens when you work hard and pave your own, completely unique & brave path. Her pop up cookbook is, without exaggeration, a piece of art. It is so clever how she and Paperformhave brought her stunningly sculptural cakes to life. I do not have the patience to make any of her extravagant designs, however its really easy to pull bits and pieces out (not literally) and make a simple yet delicious dessert. I have made variations of her vegan cheesecake on a few occasions now because it suits Caspar’s intolerance’s, as well as being DELICIOUS.

I used to frequently pass the Barn The Spoon shop/workshop on Hackney Rd and the piles and piles of wood shavings in the window would always make me smile. It was such a lovely contrast to see these beautifully light blonde curls of wood piling up against glass and the often dark and always dirty street outside.

Another issue that arose from Caspars allergies was that it was so so difficult to find bread that he and I could eat (me too because anything I ate would get passed to him through my milk) This became a good thing though because it meant I had an excuse to regularly indulge in delicious sourdough from Today Bread. The added bonus of having this bread was that the crusts are the perfect tool for teething babies to gnaw on.

Last but not least, A Kind Mama Vegan Bakery. I absolutely love this idea. How brilliant to get freshly baked treats delivered right to you! (although potentially a little bit dangerous too) I recently send someone a mixed treat box as a thank you which I felt was a really nice alternative to sending flowers, particularly as this lady had just had a baby and I guessed she could probably do with a sweet little treat to get her through the day.

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